About Lee Ann

Lee Ann can transform your ideas into a polished written product that advances your clients’ cases. She provides case summaries, client profiles and position papers that bring your clients’ stories to life and explain the contextual issues surrounding the litigation. Lee Ann has a background in investigative journalism.

Areas of expertise

Written storytelling

Lee Ann understands story and can help tell yours. If earned media is part of your strategy, Lee Ann can help you frame your case in a way that is newsworthy and work with you to engage reporters and editors. Lee Ann was an editor and reporter with the Gannett Company, the owner of USA Today.

Litigation communications

Lee Ann creates bespoke written products for attorneys handling mass claims against companies, especially abusive medical enterprises. Her work is particularly well-suited for complex cases in which clear communication with both clients and the public is a must.

Data analysis

Lee Ann can crunch data and knows how to obtain public datasets that enhance litigation research.

Creative production

Lee Ann understands the workflow of digital and print production and can help you assemble the right talent and tools to produce your website, printed newsletter, video or other media. She previously worked on the production side of a global business publishing concern, handling the on-time distribution of daily subscriber letters and custom reports. When she was with the San Diego Union-Tribune, she appeared frequently on the companion U-T TV channel.

Texas Watchdog

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